Donald Trump Successfully Return to Twitter

Since he is US President-elect, Donald Trump appeared to make a rebound on Twitter, after reports that his staff had kept him from the microblogging stage in the keep running up to the races. In a tweet, he kept up his assault on the media, and on dissidents who have been making commotions against him.

Trump tackled the ‘not my President’ showings that have been held at various places the nation over. “Simply had an extremely open and effective presidential race. Presently proficient nonconformists, affected by the media, are dissenting. Extremely uncalled for!”


Trump’s tweet drew out the incongruity of the previous few days. Trump himself had said amid his crusade that he won’t not acknowledge the consequence of the race. However, that was when Hillary Clinton was viewed as the simple champ of the races. He had asserted that the decisions had been fixed against him. In any case, that was when Hillary Clinton was viewed as the simple champ of the decisions.

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