Donald Trump will win the US Presidency preceding by a Monkey and Fish

A famous Indian fish and Chennai monkey anticipated that Donald Trump will win the US elections defeating Hillary, that is to be held on tomorrow. Famous fish from Chennai who is recognised as Chanakya III, attempts to eat fish that was placed in a boat carrying Trump’s picture instead of selecting the fish from the boat carrying Democrat Hillary Clinton’s picture. Apparently, Chanakya III pick Trump’s boat 7 times that confirms that Trump will win the election.


Not long ago, AFP reported that a Chinese monkey portrayed as the “ruler of prophets” also tipped Trump for the US presidency . However, the monkey was apparently allowed to pick between life-sized cut-outs of Trump and Clinton.

“After “think thought” the spiritualist monkey picked Trump, Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park said in an announcement on its site. Without holding up, he saluted the cardboard applicant with a kiss on the lips,” composed AFP. Let’s with for a night long to know who will the US presidency.

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