EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review: Genuinely Effective & Free Data Recovery

If you ask how easy is it to lose valuable documents from your computer systems and data storage devices, you would remember many occasions when that happened. It’s not an easy thing dealing with data losses. If you have not faced a major loss yet, are you prepared for such an incident? Almost everyone has faced a situation when their computer system or mobile phone suffered a virus attack. They could never get back their important documents including office files, photos, and videos. While computer technology has reached new levels, reliability is still a key issue. But with a free recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free in place, there’s no need to worry about storage-system reliabilities any longer.

Whether it’s the data stored on your computer, laptop, mobile phone, USB drive or anything else, you can restore all lost data using this easy-to-use data recovery software.

What is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free?

This is a free data recovery software for Windows platform that can be installed on your Windows-based computer or laptop and used to restore data on a number of device types. It may be Windows-based, but it doesn’t mean that there’s any restriction to what device can be connected to your system of recovering lost data.

This free recovery software allows you to recover your lost files from the following types of storage systems:

  • Hard disk drive
  • External hard drive
  • A cell phone
  • Memory card
  • USB storage
  • Digital camera
  • MP3 player

You can recover almost all types of files using this software. This includes anything like you office file documents or your photos and videos, or even your emails stored on your mobile device or laptop. In fact, there’s nothing that you can’t recover using it.

It is available for free and allows you to get back your data whether it’s lost due to malware attack, accidental deletion, physical damage, partition problems or loss, or operating system crash. Even if you have fully formatted the system, your data is recoverable using this data recovery software.

3 Steps to Getting Your Data Back

There are simple 3 steps to using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free to get your data back.

  • Install the software & launch it
  • Scan the storage device
  • Recover files

Scanning is its most interesting feature. There are two modes of scanning and the program will also display a preview for you to choose which files to recover.

Quick Scan – There is the first scan that’s quick and it will display all the files which have been deleted or removed from the recycle bin. You can then do a deep scan as well.


Deep Scan – The deep scan is recommended if you are unable to find the required files which were lost. This mode is also useful when you have recovered files but they can’t be opened. The Deep Scan feature takes more time than Quick Scan. It will then provide you a list of all the files that have been lost or deleted.

Preview & Select

Before you can recover your files, it makes all the sense to be able to see the preview of all the recoverable files. This free recovery software does provide you a preview of the lost files. You can select the required ones before going onto the recovery process.


There could be thousands of files that were lost. Only a few may be important to you. So instead of wasting your time recovering all of them, you could simply choose the ones that matter to you.


There are many so-called data recovery software programs out there. Most of them are so complicated and still cost you hefty subscription charges. the advantage with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is that it’s free and extremely easy to use. There are paid plans for those who need to recover larger volume of data. If you are a business user or too tech-savvy and deal with lots of data, the professional accounts could be perfect for you.

Overall, this free recovery software keeps data recovery simple and genuine. There are so many programs out there that make huge claims but don’t even perform 10% of the task. This program is an exception!