Have you ever thought who have sung the theme Song of “Duck Tales” in Hindi?

There are many cartoon channels and there are many cartoon companies who are working to provide best cartoons to us. There are many famous cartoon shows in English. But later on, they are dubbed in Hindi nicely. Either that are Pokémon, Aladin or any other cartoon.

There is also a famous name of a cartoon show that is “Duck Tales” that was also dubbed in Hindi.

Duck Tales

The theme songs of Duck tales in Hindi were very famous. The few words of the song were “Zindagi toofani hai, jahan hai, Duckburg!”.

So here is the question that, have you ever think that who has sung this song in Hindi?

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So here is the answer, this famous cartoon theme song was sung by Amit Kumar. Amit Kumar was the son of Bollywood legend playback singer Kishor Kumar.

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