Did you ever wonder the reason and meaning behind the popular brand names? Check this out!

1. Zara

Zara was started off as ‘Zobra’ so many years ago, named after a movie ‘Zobra the greek’.
The founder of the company is the ‘wealthiest retailer of the world’ Mr. Amancio Ortega.
However later on he decided to change the name from ‘Zobra’ to ‘Zara’.

2. Forever 21

Interestingly we know that Forever 21 is touted as the ‘air conditioned’ Sarojini.
Earlier it was named as Fashion 21. The ’21’ targets the customers in their 20s.


3. Levi’s

Levi’s was named after its founder, Mr. Levi Strauss. And soon within few decades the name became synonymous to jeans.

4. H&M

H & M started off as ‘Hennes’ ( in Swedish ‘Hers’). And the brand only dealt exclusively in women’s wear.
When it took over another retailer named Mauritz Widforss, that is how it was rearranged as H&M (Hennes & Mauritz).

5. Biba

Biba stands for a young and pretty girl in ‘Punjabi’.
However Biba has managed to redefine the concepts of desi-chic in India with affordable yet quality attires.

6. Maybelline

Maybelline has emerged as a shining armour for all of us who don’t believe in spending bomb prices for make-up products.
The brand is named after Maybel, sister of Thomas Williams (a famous chemist) who used petroleum jelly to darken her lashes ( in early 1900s).

7. NYX

NYX is named after the Greek Goddess of night that symbolized beauty and power. Yes, as the name suggests giving you beauty and power  and that too at such prices which won’t be pinching to your pocket. Well, the brand is in India now. Rejoice in beauty!

I hope you all enjoy this session of ‘general knowledge’. Keep checking in for more!