Experts Says, India Needs More Than Rafle in Order to Match China

India may have spend its billions of dollars for the purpose of having highly advanced French fighter jets, yet specialists say it needs to do significantly more in the event that it will confront up to country like China. The world’s top defence shipper has signed several expensive deals as part of a $100-billion updates since PM Modi took power in 2014.

Image Credit: ytimg
Image Credit: ytimg

But, at present it has been showing some slowness for replacing its diminishing fleet of Russia’s MiG-21s, “Flying Coffins”, just because of their poor safety measure. In accordance to an agreement for purchasing 36 highly equipped Rafale jets from France’s Dassault means to settle such issues. “It will give the aviation based armed forces (Indian Air Force) an arrowhead. Our air force is having some aircrafts, which belongs to 1970s and 1980s generation and this is for the first time that we are having a quantum jump in the fields of technology in round about 25-30 years,” Gulshan Luthra, defence analyst said to AFP.

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As of now, the real concern is China, a partner of Pakistan whose military limits are beyond the excess of India. “Pakistan we can deal with. Pakistan we can muscle our direction, however China, no chance we can deal with,” said Luthra. “What’s more, if China goes to the guide of Pakistan, then we’re trapped.”

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