Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Hooked Up With Foreigners

We always keep on listening about the Bollywood world hook-up, but there are few famous and some not so much famous hook-ups of our film industry which are between our Indian celebrities and foreigners.

  • Salman Khan

salman Khan

Salman Khan was hooked up with the Romanian TV anchor Julia Vantur has caught the gazes of the paparazzi. With this link up it is clear that the Bollywood celebs are now not restricted to their nationality when it is about dating.

  • Kangana Ranaut


The controversy queen Kangana Ranaut who was seen with Adhyan Suman for quite a long time also has been seen dating an English doctor. Nicholas Lafferty was the name of the man, she announced about their relationship openly but as after now the relation is now no more. This relation broke in 2012, now she is moved on.

  • Milind Soman

Milind Soman

He was known for his unorthodox acting skill and choice of movies. He was a model turned actor and worked in many movies. He was into relationship with famous model Madhu  Sapre for a long period of time. Later he married Mylene Jampsnoi, she was half French and half Chinese. They got married but divorced after three years.

  • Sashi Kapoor

Sashi Kapoor

Not only have the recent time actors evened the yester year’s famous actor Sashi Kapoor also married to a foreigner girl. He married to Jennifer Kandel who was a British theatre actress. They met in Kolkata in q956. After dating for two years they got married. She even acted in many of his films as well. She died from colon cancer in the year 1984.

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Well these are some of the most known and famous indo foreign hook-ups. Both from Bollywood as well as from fashion industry. Hope you liked to know about the unknown hook ups of all these celebs.