Few Famous Words Used in Aka City Mumbai only..

Hello! guys. I welcome here to the post that will clear your few doubts with Mumbai local language.Mumbai is a big city and so is its language.Most of the time if you are not a Mumbai local and you visit the city you will surely be annoyed for some reason or the other.
The language of Mumbai is quite muddling if you are not used to it.


Because you can easily be offended by the choice of the words there. Moreover, in Mumbai same word  can convey different meanings depending on the person, situation and tone.So here is a list that will make your next trip to Mumbai more easy. Some very common used and misunderstood words are giver here.

1) Boss-
Okay. So boss is a word which can be used in very different situations. Such as ‘Oye boss’ is used to refer to a stranger. While is someone says ‘Boooosss’ it means he/she is referring to a person at higher post.

2) Faadu-
Faadu is a desi Maharashtrian way of saying excellent. If people in Mumbai find something really amazing and awsome, they refer to it as Faadu.

3 ) Khajoor-
No, Khajoor here doesn’t mean the fruit. Khajoor word is used in Mumbai when people find others silly, stupid and dumb.

4) Shaane-
Shaane is the most famous and commonly used term. It means smart. If you are able to drive and he out of traffic on Mumbai road then yes my friend, you are Shaane.

5) Jhol-
Jhol word is used to refer to as street smart.
And very frequently you can hear this word from auto rickshawwalas in Mumbai.

6) Fultoo-
Fultoo means to the extreme. Just in the language of Mumbai locals, ‘If you visit Marive Drive; you will surely have fultoo maze.’

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So next when you visit Mumbai, make sure you are already gone through this lingual guide. And later thank us for this.

Thank you!
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