FAN – Shahrukh khan gives us yet another good movie


Fan is the latest release of king of Bollywood- Shahrukh Khan. The actor has certainly proved that he still has a lot to show. He plays the double role in the movie and quite comfortably plays the part of a 19 year old boy. This can only be a superstar acting skill which only Shahrukh khan can do. Audience will get to see the Shahrukh Khan of 80’s and 90’s and the movie does provide the thrill of that of “Darr”and “Baazigar”.


Movie revolves around a 19 year old boy Gaurav (played by Shahrukh Khan) who lives in west Delhi and is a diehard fan of his Bollywood super star Aryan Khanna (also played by Shahrukh khan). He runs a cyber café which is named after the actor and his house is full of cutouts of the actor’s photo from his movies. The boy also has a remarkable resemblance with the actor which makes him very proud. Gaurav mimics Aryan Khanna on every Dussehra mela and he wins a trophy.

Fan Shah Rukh Khan Full Movie 2016 Hd, Dvd
Fan Shah Rukh Khan Full Movie 2016 Hd, Dvd

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Now, this boy decides to meet his idol and show the trophy to him. He tries hard and makes his way to the actor’s residence only to realize that he is one in a million of fans that are waiting outside to take a glimpse of Aryan Khanna. Gaurav does get a chance to meet his favorite actor but things don’t go as planned. The actor is Snob and doesn’t give credit to his fans for his successs. He is a mean and self-centered person in real life and not what he portrays himself to be.Conversation between the two turns ugly and that’s where the boy promises the actor that he will have to run after him from now on. From here the movie starts and the climax will definitely not disappoint the audiences.


Maneesh Sharma has directed the movie and has given a beautiful Delhi tone to the character which makes it realistic. However the second part of the movie and action sequences is a bit impractical and unreal. The movie is without any song and yet is 2 hrs and 30 mins long. This is an unusual thing for a shahrukh khan movie. The refreshing and energetic look of shah rukh khan as a young boy will surely make this worth a watch. Overall, we are happy that Shahrukh has made a comeback with his old and enthusiastic performance and “Fan” is truly one of his great movies.
We give this movie 3.5/ 5