Fashion Mistakes Every Indian Lady Must Avoid

If you are an Indian lady, and whether or not you are interested in fashion, there are certain fashion crimes you must never commit. Indians take great pride in their beauty and fashion industry, and the best you can do is help promote it behind the borders by getting it correct. Besides, it will not just make you feel nice, but the beauty and elegance that comes with wearing Indian outfits are comparable to none. This is why attire such as Kurtis and sarees have found their way beyond the borders are now virtually being used in every country on the planet. With that said, every Indian lady must ensure to avoid the following fashion mistakes.

Choosing the wrong fabrics

One common mistake most Indian ladies make when it comes to their dressing is to choose the wrong fabrics. A number of factors should always be considered when choosing a fabric, with the weather being one of the greatest determinants. It is sad that you will see some ladies wearing raw silk in the heat of summer and then putting on chiffon in the biting cold of winter. As a rule of thumb, when considering what to put on, always have the weather in mind so that you will stay elegant and comfortable. It will also help you avoid curious onlookers who will be wondering what might have been going through your mind when you decided to step out of your house with what you are wearing.

Trying to choose the ideal silhouette

ideal silhouette

You should be very careful when it comes to choosing the right style. In stores like Amazon, Jabbong, Flipkart, Myntra or Stylecaret – one of the first rising online stores in India, you will find a humongous collection of great pieces of attire, but even with such, it is imperative to choose very carefully what you purchase. There is an obsession among Indians, especially the college girls, to always find the perfect silhouette and this is where most of them end up getting it all wrong. Silhouettes are great, but only if you can take your time and choose them correctly. It is not trendy or fashionable to have something that will appear to fluffy on your body. Ideally, you should go for outfits that will define your shape in a nice and decent way. If you have a narrow waist, you should always consider going for blouses fitted at the waist, and if you are blessed with wider hips, then you will always look great in attires that are flow below the waist region. 

Putting on too much bling

too much bling

Yes, bling is great and will always accessorize your outfit when used in moderation and used in the best possible way. You may desire to shine up your way with bling so that you appear cool and win the admiration of many people, but if you overdo it, it will always work against you. Always ensure moderation in your bling choice. Don’t have all the chains you have all at once, or use every stone you have with a single outfit. Instead of looking cool and elegant, you shall have damaged all your looks. If you want the best results with your bling, always be very conservative and put on the bare minimum.

Wearing the wrong outfit but in the right way

If you wear the wrong outfit in the right way, you still get it wrong. For example, you may turn out with an outfit ideal for a beach party to a wedding. Even if you get all the basics of wearing Indian wedding attires correctly, you shall have still gotten it wrong because you choose the wrong outfit for the occasion. If you have to test out something new, or a new outfit, ensure that it will be befitting for the occasion you will be attending. 

Using the wrong shoes

wrong shoes

It is also very common to find Indian ladies rocking very nice outfits, but they totally miss it when it comes to the choice of shoes. The shoes equally matter when it comes to getting the entire outfit right and this is why you should always pay attention to what shoes you choose. Different Indian attires should be paired with very specific shoe types and you must know the basics.  For example, you should not have your sarees with high heels, or even contrast the color of the shoes with that of the attire. Take time to check keenly and ensure that you do the matching the correct way. This is how you achieve wholesome elegance in your dressing.

Having safety pins visible to everyone

safety pins

It is imperative to wear Indian attires with a minimal number of safety pins. Attires such as sarees can never be used without safety pins, but this is not to say that you should use as many safety pins as you possibly can and that you should display them to the whole world as if they are part of the styling. When you use the safety pins, ensure that you use as few as possible, and secondly, they should be well concealed beneath the attires. You may get away with one or two shows, but the idea is to keep them as hidden as possible.

Ignoring your skin color when putting on makeup


The Indian skin is not necessarily white, but it borders something whitish. The majority of Indians do have a whitish skin color, while the rest tend to lean towards dark. A good number of ladies in India also have a fair skin complexion. With regards to wearing makeup, you will be delighted to know that the Indian skin works well with a range of colors, but this is not to say that you should just throw in any color that comes into your mind when doing your makeup. If you ignore the color of your skin, you will miss the beauty you have hoped to achieve with the makeup. It would be a nice idea to then avoid the makeup and just remain natural because you will be more attractive that way.

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