Favorite Valentine’s Day Ideas for Girlfriend

If you want to make this Valentine’s Day very special for your partner, but are short of ideas for doing the same, let us be of help. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend that you can make use of when picking a gift or planning a date for the special lady in your life.

Valentine's Day ideas for girlfriend
Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend

Get Her something She will Treasure Always

The market is flooded with many Valentine’s Day gifts, which means you can find something that is just right for her, no matter how much your budget is. These are some things you could think of gifting to her:

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  • Jewellery: Most women love jewellery of one kind or another. If you have never done so before, notice what jewellery she wears most often, and observe her taste when it comes to ornaments. Does she go for very colorful, chunky jewellery, or does she prefer more subtle pieces? You can look online for jewellery, and that will be fine as long as you buy from trusted sources. You could also visit a store and have a close look at what they have to offer. Customized jewellery is all the rage these days, and can make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend. There are many sellers online who can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewellery that will make your partner very happy.
  • Candy: Sure, everyone seems to gift candy on Valentine’s Day, but your gift can be very special indeed. Buy some luxury candy for her: if you order in time, you could even order some rare, wonderful treats from different parts of the world. You can also rope in some quotes for Valentine’s Day 2016 along with the candies. Just be sure to keep her taste in mind, and also take note of whether she has any food allergies. You certainly do not want to spend Valentine’s Day in the hospital!
  • Bath and beauty products: These products can make very sensible Valentine’s Day gifts. From bath bombs made with all natural ingredients to luxury handmade soap bars, different kinds of essential oils, scrubs, etc., there are many things to choose from. It is one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend to make a small package for her, filled with products to pamper her. She will love you for it every time she turns to your package at the end of a stressful, long day.
Bath and beauty products
Bath and beauty products

Make something for Her

If you take the pains to make something for her, she is sure to appreciate the effort. Now, you do not have to be scared that you will not be able to make something good for her. It is the thought that matters most, and handmade gifts are always the best kind. Here are some ideas you can try:

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  • Prepare some treats for her: You can find plenty of beginner level recipes for cookies, cupcakes etc., online. If you are more skilled, you can go for more complex recipes of course. Grab a recipe or two, buy the ingredients, and spend an afternoon (or more!) baking things for her. Prepare small batches as a trial at first, if you have never tried cooking before. Make sure you buy the best ingredients you can afford. Don’t settle for anything less than great for the woman you love. You never know this may turn out to be one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for her.
  • Flowers that last forever: With some colored paper and plenty of time, you can create flowers for her that she will be able to keep all the time. You can surprise with one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend, by making a dozen, or even a hundred roses for her. You will be able to find patterns and even detailed tutorials online, so get started on this project right away.
  • Utilize your skills: If you are fond of writing, write a poem for her. This may seem like a cheap gift to some, but if your writing comes from the heart, she will love it. If you work with wood or maybe metal or glass, make a little jewellery box for her, and present her a piece of jewellery in it. The unique Valentine’s Day ideas are numerous, and you will be able to list the best ones based on the things you do well.
 sensible Valentine's Day gifts
sensible Valentine’s Day gifts

Plan a Memorable Day

Often, it is experienced that ‘staying longer’ than mere things goes in your favor. Give her a day that she will be able to remember fondly for all times to come. Here are some romantic dates you can plan for her.

  • A meal at home: This will give you the privacy and intimacy that you can never expect at a public place. Decorate your home, and prepare a meal for her. Maybe you can even cook meal together, and then enjoy it. Get some nice wine, and have some delicious dessert ready too. A quiet day spent this way is certainly a luxury today, and one you should definitely indulge in.
  • Go for a painting class: Or rather, plan for Valentine’s Day to be the first day of your art classes. There are weekly classes of this sort offered in most cities, and it can be great for the two of you to attend such a class together. Other cheap Valentine’s Day ideas could be a pottery class, or a cooking class. Maybe there is something she has always wanted to learn. Make her very happy by joining her in this journey of learning new things.
  • Take part in a public Valentine’s Day event: Now, this is one of the Valentine’s Day ideas for girlfriend that may not be right for everyone. However, if you are a couple that love social gatherings, this is for you. Many public institutions, such as museums etc., organize adults-only events on Valentine’s Day. You can spend some time there, and maybe even win wonderful gifts together.

    Plan a Memorable Day
    Plan a Memorable Day

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These were just a few suggestions to help you along. You can draw inspiration from the same to suit your needs. Think well, keep your special lady in mind, and you will definitely have some Valentine’s Day ideas to surprise her with. Good luck!