Follow The SEO Best Practices To Avoid Common On Page SEO Mistakes

On-page optimization is one of the most important types of search engine optimization. However, to ensure that you make the full use of it, you must know the right strategies to follow, what it is all about and most importantly the most common mistakes to be avoided.

Starting with the features of on-page optimization, it can be said that:

  • On-page search engine optimizationentirely depends on the website as well as the website administrator.
  • It also depends on the way in which the contents on a page are organized.
  • In general, all those things that are influenced by on-pageoptimization are typically termed as off page optimization.
  • On Page Optimization is very much important for ranking a website as compared to any other things.

Therefore, considering this standpoint, it goes without saying that you must know about the core mistakes that people make during On-page SEO and avoid these so that it does not spoilyour ranks without even your knowledge.

Avoid duplicating content

One of the most common mistakes to avoid is duplicating the content but however people mostly fail in this regard. According to a recent research it is found that:

  • 50% of the web is full of duplicate contents and
  • Most of these sites have a very low rank in the SERPs.

Therefore, if you do not want to spoil your website ranking, this is how you can avoid this common On Page SEO mistake:

  • Use one of the various online tools and software available on the internet to check for duplicate contents in the web and
  • Use specific online tools to correct duplicate contents on the spot to reduce your time and effort.

It is a universally known fact that Google does not recommend, in fact hates duplicate content, posted with or without the knowledge.

The URL Structure

This is another common mistake people make in many SEO blogs. People do not give enough priority to the URL Structure which ideally should not be the case. There are two specific reasons behind that.

  • One, it will hurt the interesting stories and will not help the bloggers and
  • Two, it is vitally important.

The URL Structure matters a lot in SEO because if the web page structure itself is hard to understand then it is also very hard, if not impossible to understand the behavior of the content as well.

The best ways to avoid this On Page SEO mistake is by:

  • Creating a structured sitemap
  • Making sure that the site is organized and
  • Implementing breadcrumbs to ensure better ranking and visibility in the search engine.

You may also consider using manual Link generation for ensuring proper URL Structure or else you may also edit the permalink structure.

The Outbound Links

The outbound links play a very crucial role in SEO as it can change the game entirely is an easy way. If you have used a keyword from any specific web page to provideoutbound links, it is better that you avoid such practice.

Typically, there should not be any outbound links from any particular web page in which the anchor text acts as the keyword. This is because using such keywords as anchor text will make the search engine think that it is the right page to rank your site.

How to avoid this mistake:

  • Assign a specific keyword for each web page
  • Make sure that those keywords do not contain any links to any other internal or even an external web page.

This is perhaps the easiest way to avoid the mistake while using outbound links.

No-Follow Links

Similarly, you can also make a mistake while using a no-follow link to yourself. Ideally, the best strategy to rank a website high in the SERP is by creating effective link building within the website itself.

  • If there is a link to a web page with a no follow tag within your website, it will hurt your site ranking a lot.
  • No Follow links are considered to be trust-less.
  • It will also signify that this particular link is not at all important and will certainly not help in the ranking of your site at all.

Therefore, to avoid this mistake, focus on building a powerful link with a do follow tag and at the same time ensure that it has a proper anchor text attached to it. It will enable your site to create a proper search tree appearance with respect to your site relevant key terms.

Normally, all the links that you provide in a website are considered to be Do-follow links and therefore, if you provide any link that will take the users to any external links of another website, then it will be considered as a No follow reference or link. This is done to ensure better security.

One significant point that you should remember here is that Google does not like sites that give Do-follow links for money. It will also affect your site ranking as well. Therefore, make it a point that you check it once and follow the right process in future. If you are unsure, you can take proper cues from sites such as others in this regard for your benefit.

Other mistakes to avoid

In addition to the above mistakes, there are a few others that you should avoid as well for on page SEO.

  • The anchor text is one which is important and has a potential to rank a site. You must use the right word so that it helps in better understanding.
  • Internal linking is another aspect that you should be careful of while ensuring better on page SEO. Make sure that you focus on proper internal linking as it will create a tree structure in your search results. Make sure that you link to the main page with specific words on each of your post or page.

Lastly, ensure better keyword presence, with its synonyms with different combinations, image name and alt tags, formatting and sub heading, which are also very important for on page SEO.

An undergraduate and avid netizen, Suman is the youngest member of Loudhere family. She manages the News and Current Events category here. Also she employs her SEO skills to make this more searchable.