Download Frizza today and get additional bonus upon referring 5 friends

Tired of earning just a referral bonus?  Download Frizza today and get additional bonus upon referring 5 friends

What is Frizza?

Frizza is the new app in town of google play store to start earning money by completing various tasks and referring friends.

This is actually a deadly loot offer where you are getting more than you get for referring people. The account will be prefunded with 5 rupees and the account balance is increased when you complete tasks from your offer wall.

How to Join?

To start with Frizza, easily download and install the Frizza mobile app from google play store.

You instantly get 5 rupees in your account when you register with your mobile number. Don’t worry, you can recharge any other number from the money you earn on frizza app.


200 rupees Bonus

You can win 200 rupees bonus by completing 5 offers according to the instructions given under the app description. Once you accomplish the 5 app installs, you are eligible for the 200 rupees signup bonus.

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Don’t wait for someelse coming to you and saying, “Hey! I just got 200 rupees recharge for free from Frizza…”

referral bonus

Refer 5 friends and earn 100 rupees (25 rs bonus).

To be eligible for refer and earn program of frizza, you need to complete atleast 3 tasks from offer wall.

Now, you can copy your referral link and share it with your friends, family or overseas.

You will earn 15 rupees for every person downloading the mobile app using your link.