Gal Gadot Shared the First kick-ass Look of the Movie ‘Wonder Women’

The ‘Wonder Women‘ is the first modern superhero film to feature a woman as female hero/ protagonist.
The hot Hollywood star Gal Gadot shared the first look of her upcoming flick ‘Wonder Woman’ with her fans on Twitter.


The image features a sexy picture of the Amazonian superhero draped in her famous red, blue and golden outfit, clasping a sword against the sky.
The Israeli actress and model posted the picture on her twitter with words as “Power. A dream come true! Happy to finally share this with you all.”
The fist poster of the movie is really eye catching in all its pretty colors. The look has been appreciated by the views.

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Most of them commented something praising the trailer of the movie ‘Wonder Women’.
The release of ‘Wonder women’ is going to be a big event of Comic-con. The first full trailer for the movie is scheduled to be released by next summer.

People had a positive response towards the poster while some of them objected the focus on the figure of the actress as her face is blacked out in the picture.
The poster’s artwork highlights the Prohibited- arena of the New York setting, which takes place around 70 years before the events of the Harry Potter films.

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