I am Getting Life Threats: says Salman’s driver on Chinkara Poaching Case 1998

Salman khan’s driver Harish Dulani is the only eye witness to the chinkara poaching case which took 18 years back in 1998; when Salman was shooting for his movie Hum Sath Sath Hai.

Salman went on animal hunting. He killed a black buck and a chinkara. And Dulani was driving the jeep when Salman killed endangered Chinkara.Dulani told the media that later on he was threatened to leave Jodhpur and received life threats from the actor.

“Please ensure my protection; I do not have a lot of knowledge about legal matters I am a simple man. My father’s life was threatened; I don’t stand a chance in front of all these big people,” Dulhani has this statement to media here.

Salman Khan

On Monday, the Rajasthan High Court acquitted  Salman Khan in two cases related to the killing of Chinkara or Indian Gazelle because of lack of evidence against him.He asserted that he stands by the comment he made before the judge 18 years ago adding he is ready to go to the court again provided he gets police protection.

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“The statement I gave that time.I stand firm with it.” Salman asserted said.

“I don’t know how they can brand me as an absconder when I have been here all this time. I am ready to go to court if summoned,” he added.

The court said that there is no proof that it was Khan’s licensed gun that shot the deer.

Moreover, the court also agreed with Salman Khan’s lawyer who argued that Dulhani was never available for cross-examination.

Salman Khan was declared booked under the section 51 of Wildlife Protection Act for poaching two chinkaras in Bhawad village on 26-27 September 1998 and one chinkara in Mathania on 28 September 1998.