Good Valentine’s Ideas for Him to Make the Occasion very Special

Valentine’s 2017 Day is celebrated all over the world as the festival of love. This day was named after Saint Valentine, a priest of Rome in the 3rd century, who was executed on 14th of February for his belief in love and marriage against the emperor’s rules. Since then people dedicate 14th of February to their loved ones and show their love to each other. So on this Valentine’s Day speak your heart out, let your thoughts touch his heart, be super-romantic, and recreate a whole new experience in your love life with some of these Valentine’s ideas for him.

Best Gifting Ideas this Valentine’s Day
Best Gifting Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Best Gifting Ideas this Valentine’s Day

Gifts work on every occasion and they always come under cute Valentine’s Day ideas. On this Valentine’s Day gift him something he needs. It can be his favorite perfume, favorite color shirt, a branded watch or some gadgets. If he is a pet lover, then gift him his favorite pet in a cute basket and in case he is a sports person, then gift him his favorite player’s autographed items. Give him some handy fitness equipment or a gym membership if he is a fitness freak.

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  • A photo collage on your bedroom wall will definitely grab his attention. Collect some photographs from your good old memories and make a heart shaped collage. Include some messages and you are done to amaze him.
  • Handmade cards or a scrap book with some pictures and the thoughts of your own is one of some Valentine’s ideas for him, and let him know how much you love him and what he means to you.
Valentine’s ideas for him
Valentine’s ideas for him

The Beauty of Flowers never Dies

The ideas of gifting or decorating flowers on Valentine’s Day never get out of fashion. Gift him some or use his favorite flowers to decorate your home.

  • Valentine’s ideas for him may include arranging some rose petals on your bed in a heart shape.
  • Send him a bouquet to his work place with some romantic messages.
  • Put some flower petals on the ceiling fan and surprise him with a flower shower when he arrives.
  • Create a flower carpet redirecting him from the doorway to your bedroom.

Recreate the First Day You Met

The memories of the first meeting never fade away. You can cherish it all over again by recreating the first sight of each other this Valentine’s Day. Take him to the same place and try recreating the same situation and the same environment. Make him remember what you both were wearing. Ask him whether he remembered the shade of the lipstick you put on. Tell him how special that day was for you. Thank him for being with you all this time. Share the first impression you got when you met him and whether it is changed or not? And ask him the same. Re-live the special moments together. This is one of the best romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that work in your favor.

Turn Your Home into Love Zone

On this Valentine’s Day make some tiny changes to your home and turn it to your love zone. Decorate your rooms with scented candles, red roses, and heart shaped balloons. Stick some romantic notes on walls. Leave some messages on bathroom mirror with lipstick. This can be one of the unique Valentine’s Day ideas that will impress your beloved.

unique Valentine’s Day ideas
unique Valentine’s Day ideas

Redecorating your bedroom on this Valentine’s Day will add some more spices to your romance. Start planning, before doing it. Decide the theme and the budget. A well set plan and a little bit research on the interior decoration will do wonders.

  • Experiment with the curtains, cushions, sheets, and carpets, keeping his choices in mind as well. These things always make a huge difference.
  • Rearrange the furniture to give your room a whole new look.
  • Replace your old paintings and decorate with both of your pictures together.
  • Use some candles and ornamental lights to make it more special for your beloved.
  • Paint one of your walls all by yourself and let him know how handy you are. Create a memory tree on the wall with the photographs and messages from your special times.

Show Him the Chef in You at a Romantic Candle light Dinner

Plan a surprise candle light dinner at home. Once you make up your mind, you will start to get Valentine’s ideas for him automatically. Make a list of what should be done and arrange the things first. Not only great food, also add some excitement to the date. Decorate the dining table with roses and candles. Make a menu with lipstick mark on it. Hug him tightly, kiss him. Hold his hand and take him to the dinner table. Tell him to order from the menu, serve, and sit close to him. Feed each other. Remember to offer him the last bite of your ice cream. After you finish, offer him a close couple dance.

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  • Don’t forget to look your best. Get a new look, change your hairstyle, put some make-up, and dress your best because a man wants his lady to be gorgeous all the time.
  • Music is proven to relax someone’s mood. Play his favorite romantic tracks while having dinner or in bedroom and show him how romantic you can be.
  • You can write short poems saying how special he is and what importance he bears in your life. Sing for him. Organize a karaoke competition. Sing duets looking in to his eyes. Gift him a collection of romantic songs of his choice. Try doing some intimate dancing with him like paper dance.

Pamper him to Make him Feel Special

Valentine’s ideas for him is all about showing your love to your soul mate and what could be more effective than a lot of pampering to make him feel special. Offer him a royal treatment this Valentine’s Day. Serve him breakfast in bed. Ask him to shave his face. Arrange a spa session for him. Offer him a Valentine’s special body massage. Give him a pedicure, woo him, flirt with him, and cook his favorite food. This time handle him the remote and watch his favorite shows with him, feed him dinner, do everything possible for him. Try to keep everything his way and just be like “at your service sir”.

Pamper him to Make him Feel Special
Pamper him to Make him Feel Special
  • Have a tattoo symbolizing your love for him. Take a shower together, grab him spontaneously, and make him blush.
  • Send him some romantic messages every hour if he is away from you. Say I love you repeatedly.

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Plan Some Surprises for Your Guy

Unexpected surprises on this Valentine’s Day will sweep him off his feet. Show him that you can also plan surprises.

  • Surprise him with a romantic vacation to one of the places he always wanted to go or plan a surprise date for him at your terrace.
  • Pay him a surprise visit to his office or send some cards and flowers.
  • Book a table for two at some restaurant near by his work place.
  • Be a little more creative and decorate the parking lot of his office, set a lunch date, and call him over there.
  • If your man is so much into adventure, then offer him some this valentine’s day. Take him for bungee jumping, river rafting, trekking or mountain climbing, etc.

With all these Valentine’s ideas for him, you can be sure to charm your partner like never before. All the best!