Google is Celebrating Teacher’s Day with Cute Doodle

The Google search engine is marking a Teacher’s Day celebration in India with a cute Google doodle on its homepage. The doodle displays a bigger walking pencil holding a book in hand while looking back on the smaller pencils behind. The bigger pencil at the front signified as the teacher who is guiding small pencils signified as students. The pencil at the end is running fast to stay connected with the entire class. Through this cute doodle, Google is paying his tribute to the teachers.

Google calebrate Teachers DayThis is the same doodle that Google used for the Teacher’s Day celebration in the US, which was celebrated on 3rd May. With the help of this doodle, Google Doodle artist Nate Swinehart tried to honour all those teachers who have dedicated their entire lives for the purpose of molding their student’s career.

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The holy path that leads towards enlightenment is shown by the preceptor, and though there is no other way to repay what a teacher does for his student, remembering all their endeavors for the student’s growth, thanking you teachers of the Teacher’s day is the small piece of gesture. The Google Search engine has done so by dedicating a cute animated doodle on the special occasion of Teacher’s Day.

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