Google unveils ALLO! – The Video Messaging App

Google has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) centric smart messaging app  –  Allo , Google’s new attempt at conquering the ever –crowded field of mobile messaging app. The highlights of this application is that it can help you make plans, and express yourself more easily in chat. One of the dominant points however is the app’s smart capabilities. Its integration with Google Assistant is another best part of this app.

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When chatting on Google Allo, the AI monitors the topic of conversation and suggests replies. AI is a bot that lives in the app and stands by to take your questions.

Facebook owned Whatsapp is definitely the uncrowned king in this segment. So , Allo will have to face immense competition including Facebook Messenger, Line, iMessage , Wechat and all the rest. These apps have more than a billion users and so the big question is for Google is how it’s going to get Allo distributed to an equally large number of people. Google ALLO has its own limitations which keeps it in thumbs down category like absence of voice calling and document sharing.

Should we say ELLO ! to the new ALLO ?

First impressions to Google Allo were both positive and negative. It even got a lot of criticism from Android users. Google ensured that the app would have end-to-end encryption in “Incognito Mode” and the messages will be stored for a limited period of time. However, when the app was released to the public, it did not use end-to-end encryption and reportedly stores user messages indefinitely. Edward Snowden showed his disappointment for the new app in his series of tweets.

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