Happy Independence Day!!

Hello! Friends. And welcome back to yet another super special post regarding Independence Day. First of all, Happy Independence Day.This day belongs to everyone irrespective of caste, creed or gender. And yes, this is the authenticity of-of our Independence Day.


Everyone knows, we celebrate 15th August as Independence Day because on 15th August 1947 India was emancipated from Britishers. And this day is one of the most important and proud days in the Indian History.


And every year on 15th August, we celebrate our freedom. 15th August is a national holiday. And on the red fort in New Delhi, Prime Minister host our tricolor flag.Our flag standing high in the sky makes us believe ourselves and our capabilities and also gives us goals to have strength and choices.


This day didn’t come easily to us. A lot of people sacrificed their lives for the sake of national freedom. This day we salute our freedom fighters without whom we would not be living in a free India.


No matter, if you are a die-heart patriot or not. It is something about the day itself which makes us nostalgic and automatically we start singing patriotic songs. Well, such is the power of patriotism and love for our land.


The whole team of Loudhere wishes you A very Happy Independence Day.


May we celebrate this day hundreds of years ahead. We need to uphold our freedom.
So this day let us take a pledge that we will do good to nation and society. And this is the biggest respect and love we can ever give to our motherland.

Happy Independence Day!


thank you.
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