Here’s Why Raj & Simran From DDLJ Are Total A**holes Who Ruined Everyone Else’s Life In The Movie

Simran and Raj were at long last together toward the end of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. They had battled despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and had at last gotten the gifts of Simran’s family before the end of the motion picture. This story of endless affection and the will to go to any degree to live respectively is truth be told a story of two butt holes who ruin others’ life for their own satisfaction.


We were viewing the motion picture as of late and we at last saw the genuine story. These affection feathered creatures are egotistical AF. No other character separated from them will wind up cheerful toward the end of the motion picture. Here is the thing that happens to alternate characters:

1. Kuljeet Singh gets undermined and is left without a friend in the world at the stage.

Kuljeet was a decent person who was just attempting to fight off a douche who was getting excessively near his sister. In the wake of being undermined, he was allowed to sit unbothered at a railroad station as he saw his life partner flee with the same douche.

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Kuljeet did nothing incorrectly when he chose to tackle Raj at the railroad station. His sister was utilized by Raj to draw near to the family and after that Raj had ended up being the offended significant other of his life partner. He was just venting. The film closes with him being allowed to sit bothered at a railroad stage while he sees his life partner truly flee from him. What the hell, Simran! Kuljeet likely transformed into a heavy drinker after this.

2. Preeti Singh was deceived by Raj who left her for her sibling’s life partner.

Preeti is driven on by Raj and his dad. She is made to trust that Raj is enamored with her and they’re going to get hitched. Preeti was greatly sorrowful toward the end of the motion picture.

Raj and Simran fucking leave for good just to leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. They choose to fuck over the Singh khandaan specifically, as Preeti is just the second casualty in the circumstance.


3. Daadi’s last wish, to see her poti getting hitched, wasn’t satisfied.

Daadi kicked the bucket troubled toward the end of the film, as the narrow minded couple commended their affection.

Daadi trusted that she would kick the bucket the following day, thus she needed to see Simran getting hitched that day. Simran chose to bring off with Raj rather, and Daadi likely passed on without getting her aakhri khwaaish satisfied.


4. Kammo Kaur, Simran’s Bua, was allowed to sit unbothered as Raj and his father fucked off on the train.

Kammo was being driven on by Raj’s dad, yet the father of a douche is a douche, and he abandoned her.

Kammo was a standout amongst the most adorable characters in the motion picture. Simran’s bua demonstrated a considerable measure of enthusiasm for Raj’s dad who responded with signals that obviously demonstrate that he was keen on her also. WTF Anupam Kher! You drove her on and left her with a broken heart. It was all since Raj and Simran were excessively narcissistic, making it impossible to understand that they are not permitting these two adoration winged animals to be as one.


5. Baldev Singh Chaudhary, Simran’s dad, was humiliated before his biraadri however to spare his face, he needed to imagine that he release her.

At the point when your dearest little girl uchhalos your pagdi before the whole biraadri, you have no different choices than to release your girl away. Biraadri mein thhoo ho gayi!

Baldev Singh Chaudhary cherishes his little girls and needs the best for them. He had found the ideal family and the ideal man of the hour for Simran. The husband to be was acquiring great and would likely keep his girl upbeat too. What does Simran accomplish for Baldev? She took a dump on his great aims so she could have a decent little time with Raj.


  1. Rajeshwari “Chutki” Singh, Simran’s sister, had her life swung to damnation after her senior sister had broken their folks’ trust.

Chutki won’t have the same flexibility that her sister had after Simran broke Baldev’s trust.

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After Simran chose to humiliate her family before the whole society, Chutki may have paid for it as Baldev and Lajjo would have attempted to patch their ways and shorten Chutki’s opportunity to hold her under control. That implies no outside excursions for her and that they’ll likely wed her off to the primary average person they could discover.


Raj and Simran presumably didn’t have a glad hitched life either.

Raj is the most untrustworthy sweetheart ever who puts Simran at danger constantly. He has a cool father so he never acknowledges how strict guardians act. He was terrible at studies and doesn’t have a legitimate occupation either. Simran has her own particular dreams to accomplish yet by what method will she do it on the off chance that she has a dolt to deal with for whatever remains of her life.

They’d most likely be separated at this point with Simran getting the child. Raj is most likely one of the unpleasant alcoholic uncles you’d experience at a bar in Delhi.