How Does Your Old Mattress Mess with Your Health?

Your old, tattered mattress will make you toss and turn on the bed keeping you wide-awake. Unless the material pops a spring or disintegrates, you will keep using it. Many people keep sleeping on their old mattress without realizing the adverse effect that it has on their health. Prolonged use of old mattresses will lead to numerous health issues like back pain, shoulder ache, stiff neck, joint and muscle soreness, and lack of sleep.

According to an article published on, unlike an old mattress, sleeping on a quality bedding material will improve your muscle function. When you switch to a new mattress, you can jump out of bed in the morning, painless, and feeling active as ever. Therefore, you should get rid of the old mattress. Why? Here are a few reasons to ditch your old bedding materials:

Intolerable back pain

When you continue sleeping on an old mattress, it will sag and give you an improper sleep posture. It will lead to back pain. You keep sleeping on a curved surface with a sagging mattress instead of resting on a firm, flat mattress. If you visit a professional chiropractor, he will tell you that sleeping on a curved mattress will affect your posture and spine health. A curved or sagging mattress is inviting chronic back pain. You will keep changing sides to find a comfortable sleeping position without finding one. The next morning when you get out of bed, your back will feel stiff and sore. That is the reason why you should choose the right type of mattress for staying pain-free.

A wrong mattress will keep you awake. Based on the findings of the National Sleep Foundation, two-thirds of US citizens say that they cannot sleep due to back pain. Therefore, always choose a mattress that supports your back and keeps your spine healthy.

Body oil and dead skin to make you sick

When you keep using your mattress for years, it collects dead skin and body oils. Now, do you know what breeds on such things? Of course, dust mites and bugs. You will find them in millions, yet they are microscopic organisms and not visible to the human eye. These mites will poop and you will catch diseases, infections, and allergies to name a few. If you have kids around, they will also fall prey to different allergic reactions. Things will get worse if you or any member of your family has asthma. It could result in breathlessness, chest pain, and insomnia. The best way to deal with it is by replacing your old mattress with a new one. Even if you keep using the old one, make sure that you wash beddings every week. Use allergen-proof bed covers for more safety.

Avoid using bedding that is hard to wash. We recommend that you get rid of them completely. Buy new ones for the sake of your health.


You must shop for healthy and comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep. Use stiff ones to prevent back pain.

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