How The Indian Saree Is Catching Up In The Global Market

The global popularity of ethnic wear made in India has remained unchanged with the passage of time. Thus, Sari being one of the best possible representations of Indian ethnic wear has always been a thing of fascination among the population all over the world. The six-yards pack in so much inventiveness and creativity that itsappeal is hard to miss regardless of where you belong to. The gorgeous Indian saree has long surpassed the boundaries of countries to reach the foreign shores. It has wooed everyone from the women on the streets, to runway models and Holly glitterati. The demand for the exquisite Indian sarees is no longer limited to the country and the following are a few of the reasons for it.

Reasons for the global appeal of the Indian saree

The sari is increasingly becoming the darling of the western world and the following are the top five reasons that have to be thanked for it.

  • Increase in online promotions. An increase in the use of e-commerce by the medium, small, and large-scale enterprises of the country is a significant contributor to the rise in the global demand for sarees. At present, the numerous ecommerce platforms make online saree shoppingeasier than ever.
  • The popularity of Bollywood. A big factor in the revival of Indian sarees is the popularity of film and television industry. Watching the Bolly beauties dance in the snow-capped valleys in pretty chiffons does make you want to get your hands on the same saree.
  • A refreshing new change of attire. Saree provides the perfect change in attire needed to break the monotony of typical traditional wear. For a woman who is always in her jeans and denims, saree is the best way to jazz up the look.
  • High quality but affordable price. Indian sarees are simply a class apart when it comes to their longevity and texture. But compared to any other traditional attire, the prices remain surprisingly low and thus, affordable.

The influence of the leading Indian designers

The Indian designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have long been the strongest advocates of the revival of Saree. Designers like RohitBal who have been prominent presence in the global fashion shows have vowed to never venture out of Indian ethnic wear like saris and Lehengas. Their numerous collections and fashion show appearances bear testimonial to the fact. Now, as the top fashion designers are going global with most of them having standalone shops in countries like the USA, UK, and more, it goes without saying that they will take their love for sarees with them.

leading Indian designers


The Indian designers presenting their sari collection to the western world are undoubtedly smart in understanding the demand. The presence of high street brands like H&M and Zara have already ensured that the millennials need not look into expensive Dior or Armani outfits for their daily wear. In such a situation, an Indian designer’s western wear creations are not something that anyone is going to pay much attention to.

Thus, be it the ever-increasing NRI population or the foreigners, when it comes to buying the good old Indian sari there is no other better option than going to the designers who have mastered the craft. The revival of Indian saris by the designers has brought forth many options in drapes, textures, and material which keep the sari saga interesting for the global population.

The innovations of texture, drape, and material

One of the biggest misconceptions that have kept the global population away from the Indian saris for the longest time is the difficulty of draping it. Let’s admit it: the sari is not really the easiest of attires to wear thanks to all the pleats and the tuck-ins necessary. Add the texture and the heaviness of the material and the draping turns even more difficult to handle.

However, all of that is a thing of the past thanks to the new-age saris. The modern saris are really light in their material and texture which makes them super easy to wear. The material like cotton and jute used in sarees ensures that they come with inherent moisture-wicking properties. Even the typically heavy sarees like zardousi and Banarasi silks have been given a new-age makeover to make them lighter and easy to handle. The Lehenga sari is like a boon to all the global population in love with the beauty of the Indian sari as you get all the gorgeousness of the Sari but none of the hassles.

The popular celebrities who have flaunted the sari

The fashionistas of the glamour world are huge inspirations for the fans around the world. Some of the most renowned names in the Global Fashion world have embraced the sari. The Sari was brought with a bang on the red carpet by the Pussycat dolls in their famous red-carpet. Five stunning ladies looked simply gorgeous in black sarees designed by Rocky S.

popular celebrities in saree


Ace tennis player Anna Kournikova looked like a picture of elegance when he was spotted at an event wearing a pale blue sari with intricate designs all over. There is hardly any trend that Victoria Beckham, the queen of fashion, has not given a shot and the sari is one of them.

The Indian sari has come a long way in winning the hearts of the global women. It can be proudly stated that its journey of winning over the global market is just getting started.

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