IIT-Madras earns 174 Crores Simply Via its Consultancy Services

IIT-Madras (Indian Institute of Technology Madras has bagged Rs. 173.56 crores with its bagged consultancy attempt over past 3 years, ways afore of IITs.

In accordance with the 2016’s NIRF Report obtained from the Union HRD Ministry’s NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-R) and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) has attained the second and third ranking among all IITs who received consultancy projects. In together, three IITs have earned a total of 396 crores through such type of projects.


While analyzing, eight branches of other premier and reputed institutes earned an amount of 5 crore on their own with the help of consultancy projects in last three years. Where IIT-M leads IIT-R on the list with an amount of 60 crore. This idea of ‘Industrial Consultancy Centre’ was first executed by IIT-M and perhaps that might be the reason why most of the recognized industries along with governmental organizations opt IIT-M for such consultancy projects.

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