India Successfully Crosses 6,000MW Marks Maintained for the Nuclear Energy

India’s Civil Nuclear programs have successfully reached some outstanding landmarks after establishing an appropriate synchronization with the Kudankulam Power Plant’s second unit. The Kudankulam project+ has efficiently turned protests along with legal challenges over project’s safety parameters running in the Supreme Court, and our new milestones features crossing the 6,000MW mark in the nuclear plant.

Once the second’s unit output scaled around 1,000MW in two months, we will be able to generate 6,780MW power with the help of India’s 22 Nuclear Power Reactors. After attaining this achievement, NPCIL, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited is expecting to commission four more nuclear reactors by the end of this year. In accordance with the scientists’ statements, Unit II is running efficiently after learning lessons from the issues that disfigure Unit I’s functioning in 2013.

The two nuclear units with the capacity of 1,000MW in the association of Russian assistance has successfully present Tamil Nadu as the highest nuclear power consumer (daily basis). Kudankulam I and II are termed as the India’s last nuclear units that establish foreign collaboration even after will not able to overcome liabilities caused legislations after India-US nuclear deal.

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While commissioning Unit 1, NPCIL engineers have to come across bitter lessons. The reactor has observed continuous operations since this February only. Due to the protests conducted during 2011-2012 by activists anti-nuclear communities has delayed the project by months, when it was about to complete i.e; 90% ready. Now, coming to Unit I, it is operating since February 22, for 189 days and successfully generates approximately 11,269 million units of electricity since October 2013.