Indian Space Research Organization Successfully Release Images Taken by INSAT -3DR

It’s a big achievement for Indian Space Research Organization.The first image taken by INSAT-3DR, which is an advanced satellite launched by ISRO has been released successfully. The image of this satellite captures Earth disk on Wednesday and on Thursday, ISRO shares this images via its Twitter account. This Earth’s image taken by INSAT-3DR is also representing Moon in its background.

Image Credit: spaceflightinsider.
Image Credit: spaceflightinsider.

INSAT-3DR, an advanced meteorological satellite is being configured with an atmosphere sounder along with an imaging system. The launch of this satellite was onboard by the GSLV-F05 which is successfully powered by an indigenous cryogenic engine on 8th Sept 2016. On the other hand, the satellite’s rocket is injected into the geostationary transfer orbit. The satellite will approximately take 2 more days to reach its final geostationary orbit when ISRO’s scientists fired its onboard thrusters.

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Apart from this, Indian Space Research Organization has also released GSLV-FO5 launch’s which was captured by the camera onboard the rocket.

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