Instagram will send a notification to your friend if you take a screenshot of their disappearing message in direct message

Earlier this week, Instagram added another feature of  ‘disappearing photos and videos’ to the app. The ‘disappearing photos and videos’ is similar to the one that Snapchat already had.Just like the Snapchat, Facebook owned instagram has now introduced notifications if your friend takes screenshot of your direct messages (DM).


The notifications only appear for the screenshots taken of new disappearing messages and not for the screenshots of the public posts.”These photos and videos disappear from your friends’ inboxes after they have seen them. And you will get notified if you screenshot them.” Instagram declared in a blog post. Or in short, if you send a disappearinf message. Instagram has a back up for your friend which he/she can refer to if needed.

This feature will be used by wiping right into the camera to capture, then tapping the arrow button to personally share it with anyone or a group.And also Insta introduced a new live video feature to the app. You can make your own live video with swiping right from your feed and then tap on the ‘Start Live Video’ button.You can share your live video for up to an hour, and can drop a comment on it. When you go live, your friend will be notified.

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