Kangana Slammed By Anti-Kangana Trend over Twitter

It has been seen in a tweet by someone who mentioned that he likes the acting of Kangana but not her cheap tricks. After the issue with Hrithik Roshan, the image of Kangana got ruined in front of public. Not only the fans of other artists but of Kangana also saying her characterless and she is always hungry for publicity.

kangna hritk roshan

The issue raised when Kangana said that Hrithik is her silly ex. Which was not liked by Hrithik and he filled a case against Kangana for the defamation of his character? The whole issue got hiked up at the time of Krishh 3 when both acted in the same movie. But in place of apologizing from Hrithik Kangana put a counter notice on him warning him to take back his case or else will face some serious criminal case.

adhyan_and Kangna

Over this whole issue the Ex-boyfriend of Kangana, Adhyan Suman also said his point of view. He said that Kangana affected his career and also had a bad relationship with him. She also indulged into black magic and she is the only one who sabotaged his whole life and growing career.

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But things took a bit wrong for him when he got to know that he was trending top on twitter. Many people stand in his favour but few told this act as a publicity stunt. Which was actually not good on Adhyan’s part. So he comes up with rage saying that who all you think that by saying about a based phase of my life will give me a career, he said does Steven Spielberg or Yash Raj will offer him film.

So all this issue definitely going against Kangana but still this gives a negative publicity to Kangana, but who cares publicity is publicity.