Kapil Sharma Accused of Destroying Mangroves

The famous stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma is put upon allegations of cutting mangroves for building illegal stories to his Andheri house.Recently on Friday, the MNS general secretary Shalini Thackeray accused to stand up comedian Kapil Sharma for adding illicit stories to his home and destroying mangrove trees.

Image Credit: newsworldindia
Image Credit: newsworldindia

She claimed that she will soon furnish evidence of how he had been breaking the municipal rules for his own benefits. Further added that he is a liar.Moreover, Kapil has issued a 24-hour notice on July 16 according to which he had to pull down the unauthorized horizontal extension to the ground plus one level.

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 The government waited for his response till August 3. On August 4, after receiving no reply from him, the ward officers demolished Kapil’s bungalow.

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