Karan Johar Receives a Cheque amounting Rs.320

After so many obstacles to Karan Johar’s upcoming Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Karan finally made a comment on the Pakistani actors. The video hit the internet on October 18 and since then, many a things were resolved for the movie. The MNS agreed to stop all the protests for the film. As for now, the film will be released hassle-free.

Credit: i.ytimg
Credit: i.ytimg

According to sources. A businessman from Akola, Maharashtra , Karan K Cheema sent a cheque along with a letter to Karan Johar. The cheque amounted to Rs.320 as he felt that Karan Johar will face losses if the film doesn’t release.

The picture of the letter was tweeted by Ex-BJP volunteer Shilpi Tiwari along with the photo of cheque. He enclosed a cheque of Rs.320 as he assumed that each ticket costs Rs.160 and also added that “None of us are interested in watching your movie “Ae dil hai mushkil”.

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