Kareena Kapoor’s going-to-be mom style files!

Who doesn’t know that Kareena is the queen of style in Bollywood. She has always been a trend setter. And the tradition goes on even when she is in her second trimester. The hot B-Town diva flaunts her baby bump in the most inspiring way. She is proudly flaunting her baby bump in beautiful regal outfit to the world.So all the pregnant ladies out there, here is some style inspiration for you!

Credit: abplive
Credit: abplive

The actress manages to look perfect with the baby bump. Or rather we can say she is growing more pretty with every passing year.The begum is ready to turn mommy in December this year but has managed to break all the stereotypes regarding pregnancy and career.

So here we brought to you Kareena’s pregnancy style diaries. Just go through her breathtaking pictures from her first and second trimester.


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