How Katrina Become Biggest Nightmare for a Mumbai Vendor

You may be wondering hat how Katrina and an ordinary vendor from Mumbai collides and Katrina is creating threat to him. Well, many of you may be thinking and is Katrina has one something similar to Salman Khan then no it’s not the case here. Actually Katrina’s one advertisement which is showing too much on the TV is eventually creating threat to the business of a vendor, and he is saying that Katrina is his biggest competitor.

By profession this vendor is a mango seller and doing this work from a long time, by selling mangoes he is any how able to meet his daily needs. Now you be getting how Katrina is creating a competition to him.

Well he is talking about her advertising of slice, Aamsutra. He said the competition is getting crazy day by day and one day he wakeup and found that his new competitor is none other than Katrina. It is very much clear from here that he is talking about Katrina’s slice advertisement.

This issue has been shared over Facebook through a page ‘Humans of Bombay’. Well his pain is clearly understandable but evidently this whole things sounds a bit funny, even Katrina is also not aware of such crime which she has done unknowingly and if she got to know regarding this for a second she may laugh or may be feel bad. Well the purpose is similar for both of them that is the question of bread and butter.  Where Katrina may have charged thousands for the adv. The vendors and his whole family sells mangoes and anyhow able to meet the daily needs.

Hats off to the spirit of the man, who took this also as a challenge.

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