Why Keyboard Keys Are Not Arranged Alphabetically. Here Is Why!

We all have smartphone or laptops and tablets a day without these is a nightmare to us but have you ever noticed the most common but weird thing in it.Yes, I am talking about the keyboard. All the gadgets mentioned above have this one similarity that they have a QWERTY keyboard. The question is why so unusual placement of keys and why it is not in alphabetical order?

Well you might be thinking that this is the only pattern opted for all these devices from the time they all generated but it’s not the truth. The role of keyboard was into existence from the time of typewriter and that time the keys were set as alphabetical order. Then what was the reason behind hanging the manner of keys in the keyboard?

computer_keyboard-hd (1)

Actually when the keys were arranged alphabetically people used to type very fast. Which actually jammed the mechanical character arms. To by lowering the typing speed the key jam problem was removed this was the reason why QWERTY was introduced.

The QWERTY keypad was designed so that one can easily type from the top row of the keyboard. If we look in the past the journey of keyboards was started form 1870. Earlier the all the keys was so messed up in computers. When the keys in the typewriter was in alphabetical order the people get it really fast that the vowels on top and the consonants were at the bottom lines.

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While typing in the typewriter the keys got stuck because the keys were attached to small metallic things which got clashed with each other. Another reason for this is the line which was typed only will be visible when the typist types the next line which create a inconvenience for the user.

The reason of QWERTY is to speed up the writer without jamming the mechanical parts of the machine.