Level of protein in body is linked to various heart diseases and Brain damage

As per a latest study, it is disclosed that there is a close link between heart and Brian even in a fit individual’s body.The journal of Radiology published an online result of a study which reveals that a protein named N-terminal Pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP)– is released in our blood in response to cardiac wall stress.

Credit: nootropicnation
Credit: nootropicnation

Also that, presence of some substance in the blood indicates the presence of some severe heart disease and Brian disease.For example- a stroke or dementia.The levels of blood serum of NT proBNP rises when the heart damage turns bad to worse. And also, NT proBNP level drops when the condition is better.As per the researchers, the before signs and symptoms of the disease are easily detectable and apparent.While, studies say that most probably the cardiac disfunctioning affects the brain and also vice versa.

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