LG X Screen Smartphone launched in India

You can be the first one to review the latest trend in the city.For now, recently LG X screen smartphone is being released in India.


Recently, LG released its latest X-series smartphone in India. The LG X screen smartphone is available exclusively on snap deal for Rs. 12,990.

The features of the phone are listed below:

–    You get Dual display(12.52cm, 4.4 cm)

–    The primary screen size is 12.52cm(4.93)

–    The phone provides 2 GB RAM (Random Access Memory) and 16 GB ROM (Read Only Memory)

–    The OS is 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Processor.

–    And with 2300 mAh Battery.

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The phone looks stunning and sleek. You get pretty nice features and a reason to flaunt at a very affordable rate. Since LG is trusted company, without any doubt, you can invest in this phone without thinking too much about it. Check the looks of the phone here. And buy online if you want to.

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