Leonardo finally realized the Oscar dream: Leonardo DiCaprio received Oscar (Best Actor) for Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, the 41 year old maverick legend has finally got his hold on the elusive Oscar. After giving soul churning performances for years, the actor has finally bagged the Oscar this year for his superb performance in Revenant.The English movie was directed and written by Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

Oscar Awards 2016 winner Leonardo
Oscar Awards 2016 winner Leonardo

Leonardo who has stunned the audience by his unforgettable acting as Hugh Glass in Revenant, accepted the prestigious award with tears of joy.

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Leonardo Found in Revenant as Hugh Glass – A Frontiersman to Struggle for Survival

The plot of Revenant is set back to 1823, while a group of adventures set out in search of fortune. It was the period of renaissance of wonder to discover new things. In Revenant, a group of brave frontiers were travelling secretly to posses some rare animal pelts or skin. This group was led by Hugh Glass (the role played by Leonardo). However, in the beginning of the scene, Hugh Glass was spotted as a gentleman with calmness in his attitude. However, suddenly few unknown Arikara Native Americans attacked the tent to slaughter all mercilessly. This incident happened in unauthorized Northern Plains in America (right now it is Dakota). Few trappers were able to escape forcefully. Hugh Glass was vested with power to operate the small team. ‘They decided to make the venture through sea. They took a tiny boat and started moving to reach Fort Kiowa,. However, Hugh Glass suggested his comrades to leave the boat and start walking through hilly region under the coverage of impenetrate darkness. It was a very risky journey. Leonardo is always unbeaten to project himself as a maverick and bold frontiersman with boldness to face the adverse nature. Slowly, the climax of the movie comes to force viewers to stick to their seats for getting few more dazzling snapshots. Leonardo is showcased as a tragic guy who has been mercilessly abandoned in a large gorge by his associates. He was injured when he encountered a wild animal. Injured Glass was found unconscious with deep wounds in his body. Blood stained Glass had to fight with stern reality as he was betrayed by his own fellow members. Revenant is a dead person who again survives from the cemetery. Hugh Glass was brutally treated by Fitzgerald and Bridger who decided to kill Glass. They plotted to throw the injured body of Glass into the deep grave and left for shelter. So it is a massive struggle for Hugh Glass to drag his body to the next destination. Leonardo performed excellently and he earned countless rewards and clapping from fans.

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Leonardo will again be seen in the upcoming movie Live by Night. So, the wheel of luck of this legend must roll forward on the smooth rut. His fans will have to wait for few months to spot him again in a different role to play.
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