Manoj Bajpayee: Let’s Think about our Soldiers!

The Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee who was asked to voice his opinion about the Uri Attack and the issue of banning Pakistani actors in the wage of the attack. He chose to remain silent. And then finally he broke his silence and came up with his feelings over the issue.

Credit: News18
Credit: News18

He earlier said that he doesn’t want to be a part of the controversy created upon him if he made a statement regarding the issue. And this was the reason why he chose to keep silent. It would hammer his daily life and create unnecessary and unwanted buzz.

In an interview with a daily mirror, he said,” My heart bleeds seeing that people are bothered only about films and about banning of Pakistani actors. I don’t understand why are we even talking about it. Isn’t it the time when we need to come together for the condolence of the soldiers who gave away their life in the attack? Don’t we need to think about the soldiers? It is just not about those 18 soldiers who are being killed but also about hundreds of martyrs who lost their lives and didn’t even came to light.” He further expressed his grief by saying, ” In most of the cases these army men were the breadwinner of the family. And our government need to do every possible effort required to support those families.”

When asked about his opinion and whether he supports the banning of Pakistani artists or not, he said that he doesn’t know the cross-border policies of India with its neighbors. He further claimed that he is in no position to give a correct comment. Only the governments of both the nations can decide the best for the situation.

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