Mastigudi director arrested by police officers

zThe most popular Maasthigudi, Kannada film’s producer, director, and stunt director were booked for the charges of culpable homicide tragic death of actors Uday and Anil, who were seems drowned hen they were shooting for their upcoming film.


In association with the comments coming from the officials of Water Supply and Sewerage Board of Bangalore alleged that it’s observed that no essential security measures were taken by the film officials when the two actors jumped to shoot the helicopter shot. This incident happened during the shoots which were under way through the Tippagondanahalli reservoir in Ramanagara district yesterday.

On the other hand,  police officials clarify that all three actors, including another Kannada actor Duniya, who successfully managed to swim out of the water, the two Anil and Uday, who died weren’t good swimmers.

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