Meet Head Constable Amrik Singh Shera who wrote “Kala Chashma”

Have you listened to the famous track “Kala Chashma” from ‘Baar Baar Dekho’? This Punjabi hit track was originally from 90’s, which in now raging current generation. But, most of you haven’t heard about the Amrik Singh Shera, he is a head constable in the Punjab Police in Kapurthala. He is the original writer of the track “Kala Chasma”.

Pic Credit: indianexpress
Pic Credit: indianexpress

Amrik Singh Shera, a 43-year-old native of the Talwandi Chaudhrian village near Jalandhar, is much glad that his song “Kala Chasma”, which was written in early 90’s has made it to the Bollywood.

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Two months ago, Punjab Police Head Constable got a call from one of his friends that ‘Kala Chashma’ was being played on the TV channel. He has gone through happy and shocked feeling simultaneously. Shera also added, around four months ago, he was approached by the Angel Record a Jalander based recording company seeking for his other written songs.

“I was told that a Mumbai-based company needed my song to be played at the inauguration of cement firm,” Shera stated to the media personals. He signed an agreement and received an amount of Rs. 11,000 in return.