Meet Indian Models what are setting international fashion runways on fire

It’s incident from late 7th, Dehradun-based girl Kirat Bhinder met a globally recognized designer Yves Saint Laurent and what’s next? She was seen walking on the international ramp, walking for YSL, Armani, Valentino, Chanel, and Versace. Her name is attached to such big brands.

At present, a famous jewelry designer along with Oscar de laRenta Young, in association with the late Anjali Mendes, who was well recognized by the name of Pierre Cardin’s muse, was the only model from Indian origin walking on the international catwalks, placed there by the chance and the current circumstances.

Credit: HT

That’s the way which made Indian models made it to abroad in the previous century and even in the first decade of the 2000s, when Padma Laxmi, UjjwalaRaut, and Laxmi Menon were moved out from Delhi or Mumbai to hit the runways of New York, Paris, or Milan.  It’s one of the most common belief that models from India origin were considered as too exotics fir the white-dominated ramps of Europe and US. Their features were totally different, which is the most demanding need of this industry.

Beauty is the only truth, in accordance to the famous poet John Keats, but today the truth in this consumer driven market is that only the homogenous sells here.

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