Must Know the Harmful Effect of Nail Polish

Nail Polish is an important part of women beauty. They do always use it over their nail to make them more beautiful and good looking. Women and girls love nail polish. In this modern era, there are many types of nail polish come out in the market. There are many types of nail arts also available in the market.


Either, they are going to parties, any functions or college/School most of the women and girls do apply nail polish with impressive nail art over their nail.

But, do you know there are some harmful effects of Nail Polish? Yes, there are many harmful effects. I am damn sure that after knowing these harmful effects you will never apply nail polish on your nail.

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A chemical “Toxin” which is included in the nail polish, which is harmful to the health but none other brands has mentioned it on their label.

The toxin is also known as Triphenyl Phosphate, when it enters the human body it affects the functionality of their body.

Harmful Effect of Nail Polish

  • Nail Polish do contain Brain-Toxin which directly targets the human brain. So that it can affect the nervous system of yours.
  • It also contains Formaldehyde, which creates and also do help to generate cancer cells in the human body, so that it may cause cancer.
  • Nail Polish also contains Toluene, which directly enter in the breast milk, so it can affect the development of the infant.

So above are the some harmful effects of the Nail Polish, which can affect your health as well as your body.

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