Myths or facts related to hotel industry

We all have in our life stayed in hotels or will stay in hotels for different purposes like leisure, business or for any other reason. The kind of hospitality that is offered to us makes our experience from worthwhile to bad. Accordingly we offer our recommendations to others to make a visit to the same hotel or not. But have you ever wondered behind the happy and ever smiling face of the hotel staff there can be things which can top our disliking towards the same hotel. We have tried to list some of the things which can be myths but at the same time what if they are facts.

facts related to hotel industry
facts related to hotel industry


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  1. Cleanliness of the room: Every year there are hundreds of people staying in the same hotel room as you are. The hope that the hotel staff will clean the room thoroughly is what we expect but do they actually do. The bed can actually carry germs which can be transferred to the next guests if the laundry is not done properly. The glasses which are kept for our use if they are not washed and just rinsed and kept again for use can also carry germs.
  2. The refreshments given in the room: The refreshments given in the room are not always free. They look extremely tempting and are available in the general market but there is a huge difference in their prices. So, it’s always advisable to check with the hotel staff before gobbling on the refreshments.
  3. Misuse of your car parked in valet: The car that you give in for valet to be parked till you are abode at hotel should be parked in the parking area and you should have no fear about the car. But what if the hotel staff is misusing your car and using it for a short drive or using the expensive or lavish products fitted in the car.
  4. Hotel used for illegal activities: The hotel that you are staying should be free from all the illegal activities. But what if it is doing some illegal activities which you are not aware of. This can include prostitution, drug dealing and giving hotel rooms to people without their proper enquiry.
  5. Stealing: You take a room in hotel with a care free attitude but sometimes the act of the hotel staff can make break the trust by indulging into hideous crimes like stealing your personal belongings from your luggage. This makes the experience of the holiday even worse.
  6. Locker not being safe: The locker service which is now present in mostly all hotel rooms is for the purpose of keeping of all the valuable belonging in it. But the hotel staff is aware of all the jacks on how to open the locker. So, in this case locker also becomes unsafe for the guests.

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All these things if are myths one can surely enjoy the stay but what if they are not myths but are in real and are facts. Some of us must have faced something of this sort in our life. Well, if you have please share your views on the same in the comment box below.