Nashik Man Entered Guiness Record with 1.3 Cr Shirt In His Wardrobe

Maharashtra’s famous politician-businessman Pankaj Parakh — referred to as ‘the man with the golden shirt’ through his neighbors and friends— has earned a place inside the Guinness World records (GWR). The GWR certificates issued on Tuesday cites Parakh, aging 47, because the man who possess the most costly shirt in this world costing Rs 98,35,099 ($161,354/£ 95,856)” as on August 1, 2014.

“That’s moderately specifically with ease incredible. I’m blissful that this success had catapulted my village title into the entire world,” an emotional Parakh recounted.

The schooling dropout — who made his fortunes from a garment fabrication business— may also be the Nationalist Congress Party’s Deputy Mayor of Yeola city in Nashik district, around 260km away from Mumbai.

The shirt — weighing exactly 4.10kg — is currently valued at over Rs 1.30 crore and is supplemented by means of different golden paraphernalia on the facet of a gold watch, a variety of gold chains, enormous gold rings, a gold cellular quilt and golden-framed spectacles — the whole weight of this opulence being a whopping 10kg!

Each time Parakh steps onto the streets of Yeola in his full ‘shining golden attire’ and his licensed revolver worn discreetly, he admits that females stare and guys glare at him, even as two stern distinguished shield guards manipulate to hold each and every persona at a unhazardous distance.

“I had stitched this certain gold shirt with seven golden buttons for my 45th birthday two years previously. I have been keen about gold considering that my training days and over time it grew to be a ardour, just about an obsession,” Parakh smiled.

The shirt finalised by 20 artisans who worked for 32oo hours for designing this art piece. So if you ever visit Nashik don’t get shocked to see the gold man.

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