Naseeruddin Shah apologises to Twinkle Khanna for disrespectful comment on Twitter for Rajesh Khanna

Recently in an interview, Naseeruddin Shah– an elderly actor referred to Rajesh Khanna (Twinkle’s father) as a “Limited, poor actor”. This comment apparently infuriated Twinkle Khanna. On realising the cruelty of his comment; he put forth an apology towards Twinkle Khanna as “I apologise to those who were personally offended, and my intention was not to attack him (Rajesh Khanna).”  But Twinkle was in no right frame of mind to accept the apology. She replied to his comment as “All due regard to Mr Shah’s reality,mine=a man who loved cinema& did films like Anand, AmarPrem, KatiPatang thank u folks for all the love.”


Earlier, before this harsh comment; she already tweeted asking Nasseruddin Shah not to say such a non-reverent quote for an eternal artist.

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Well, we just hope that both of them should settle their disputes. Nasseruddin sir should realise the fact that legendary Rajesh Khanna is not going to come from heaven to listen to such tweets about him. So it is not worth it making unnecessary issues.