This New Year, Try Some Fresh Ideas to Get Fitter

Most of the people come up with some new year resolution and a healthy eating habits, managing weight are amongst the most popular resolutions.

Here we have entered a new year, bidding farewell to the old year; we welcome 2017 with a big grin on our faces.
Just like every year, I am pretty sure you would also be warmly welcoming the new year with great zeal and enthusiasm.
And keeping up with the new year fitness goals, it becomes the new year resolution that tops the chart. So to help you get that fit body and healthy mind, we are here to bring some mandatory to-be-considered points.

1) You must pay attention to your digestion. The first and foremost step in keeping healthy and fit is not having common digestive problems such as bloating, acidity, gastritis, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome which are not so common rather they may lead to more serious and severe health issues if not taken care of. You must- Maintain good digestive health, eat fibre-rich food, healthy fats, plenty of water and juices, fresh and locally grown seasonal food, don’t compromise sleep, do regular exercises, practice yoga and do meditation.

2) Don’t ignore food sensitivity if you have any. Most of us are knowingly or unknowingly allergic to some food or any other thing. So if you go through any such allergy. Immediately go to a specialist and get it diagnosed and then eliminate it from your diet.

3) You must eat more during the morning hours. And eat less during evening hours. Late night food habits severely effect your metabolism and it is also related to the memory, cognitive performance and state of mind thing. Eat the same composition of food and nutrients at night as compared to eating during the day this can surely help you in shedding extra kilos.
Most of us don’t know that a 12-hour gut rest is very beneficial to us and is considered ideal. And may be this is why the conventional eating patterns of people across the globe are consistent with it. Don’t have a heavy dinner at night.

4) Always maintain a well-balanced diet. Eat less and eat well. Your diet must have nutrients. You can have grains and dishes to complete the necessity of protein. Have a seasonal green vegetable in your diet at least once on daily basis. Eat fruits, salad and vegetables. Moderate intake of salt, tea, coffee and alcohol is also needed. Don’t go for preservatives and chemicals loaded food. Mind your sugar quantity; The lesser, the better.

5) keep daily track of your growth, this will keep you motivated. One must include regular physical activity, yoga and meditation.

So this new year, you are all set to work towards your new year resolution. All you need is determination and then get started. And stun everyone with your amazing gains.

Thank you. And stay tuned in with us for more updates!

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This New Year, Try Some Fresh Ideas to Get Fitter

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