Pamela Anderson wants to be a writer

The 49 year old Hollywood actress says that she wants to write short stories as she is good at it.Pamela, who recently slammed the porn movies and said that it deteriorates our society says that she is thinking about an initiative as a writer in her career.

Credit: nepalesevoice
Credit: nepalesevoice

She tells us that she always wanted to write short stories. People tell her that she should.
She says,” Everyone says I am a pretty sexy story teller.”The ‘Baywatch’ actress claims that posing nude for a magazine allowed her to overcome her horrifying past and take charge of her own self and her body again.

The former playboy says,”I flipped the script. I really did. I was trying to take the power back from my life and things which had happened to me in the past. I felt really out of control of myself and felt that I wasn’t in charge.”

She continues narrating,”When I started posing for Playboy and doing things in LA, I realised I was living my own life. It was really empowering for me to be that girl. I was always so painfully shy and when I could break through that, it was just like freedom. Then you couldn’t stop me from walking down the street naked,” she added.

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