PersonalityMatch: A Unique App to Strengthen Your Relationships

What would you do if you wanted to know about your personality? If you wanted a professional evaluation, you may think of visiting a psychologist. That is not something that most people would prefer to do. There are advantages to learning about your own personality and that of your friends, partner, family members and colleagues. You can learn about areas of commo innterests and conflicts, address those issues and improve your relationships. But how can you learn about everyone’s personality type and their traits, including yours? This is where this PersonalityMatch review is going to help you.

What is PersonalityMatch?

PersonalityMatch is an app designed to evaluate a user’s personality based on a test. This test is based on the theories and works of famous psychologists including Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers. These psychologists have developed globally-accepted psychology tests.

Once the app has determined your personality type, it allows you to invite your friends to take the test. You can then compare your personality type with your friends, loved ones, partner, and colleagues.

The app provides a detailed report of the comparison and follows it up with potential areas of common interests and disputes. In fact, it will also make suggestions on how you can improve your relationships with a person. This personalized advice is based on the psychological tests developed by the same psychologists.

Key Aspects of PersonalityMatch

The following points describe the key aspects of this app:

  • Install the app on your device
  • Create your profile (provide as much details as you wish to)
  • Take the free personality test by answering 30 questions developed by psychologists
  • Get to find out new things about your personality based on what proven psychological theories claim. You can have one of the 16 personalities types.
  • Compare the results with that of your friends and partner
  • Learn about the positives and negatives of your friends
  • Get a compatibility score in the range 0-100% against your friends, partner, and colleagues (they should also have completed the personality test)
  • Identify areas of potential conflicts and also what your friends and partner desire
  • Get personalized advice from the PersonalityMatch app to improve your relationships. These recommendations are derived based on the app’s algorithm that further takes its information from the globally embraced psychological tests such as the myers briggs test and mbti test.

This is a unique app with a unique concept. It helps you improve some of the most important aspects of your life. it also tells you a lot about yourself – many things you could have never known unless you visited a psychologist. It helps do that without the need to visit one.

You can have access to psychological evaluation and identification of your personality type for free. And then use the information to improve your relationships. Find out if you are enfp, enfj or other type of personality. PersonalityMatch is available for both Android and iOS users. You can match your personality with only those who have installed it on their device and taken the test. If you want to compare your personality with your partner and improve your relationship, you will have to ask them to install the app and take the personality test.

How Does PersonalityMatch Make a Difference?

In an age where people are all about finding and making new friends on social networks and dating apps, there is lesser focus on your existing relationships. This is where the value of a tool like PersonalityMatch is realized.


You don’t expect an app to make a personalized recommendation on your relationship, but what makes this app matter is that its algorithm is not based on computer programs – it’s based on proven and globally-accepted psychological tests and theories formulated by humans.

Besides, it’s free and it makes all the sense to test it and check what it has to say about your personality.


You can find a hundred apps that help you find new friends or find a date. But it’s hard to find an app like PersonalityMatch that helps you get the most out of your existing relationships. You also get to learn traits about your own personality that you may have never known in your life (unless you needed to visit a psychologist). This is an easy-to-use app, designed to help you improve some of the most important aspects of your life – your relationships!

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