Points to keep in mind while shooting a video profile for participation in bigg boss 10

Bigg Boss Season 10 will be on air not long from now with its full energy and get-up-and-go. As you are now mindful, you can likewise take an interest in this season for the first run through ever. You additionally definitely realize that keeping in mind the end goal to take part, you should make a video profile of yours and transfer it to their official site. In any case, recollect that these three minutes will, in the end, characterize your future and you should make a full utilization of this brief time period, distributed to you for your video profile.

bigg boss 10

Hues TV has authoritatively discharge certain rules which you should remember while making the video. Today, we will be quickly examining these rules with you so you can make full utilization of this “unique” open door.

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To begin off, attempt to locate a soundproof space for making your video. On the off chance that you can’t locate a soundproof room, ensure that you shoot your video far from a uproarious environment. Additionally, you should talk sufficiently uproarious with the goal that you are effortlessly discernable generally nobody would trouble and spend huge amounts of minutes in attempting to comprehend whatever you have said in the video.

Next, you ought to ensure that you record your video in a room with sufficient lighting. Keep in mind not to shoot before an entryway or windowless the brilliant daylight fighting against eminent loss will demolish your video. Another vital point to recollect is that you should shoot the video in flat (scene) style instead of shooting it in vertical (picture) style.

What is most vital is that your video must not be longer than three minutes else it will be rejected.

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Gone ahead ! What are you sitting tight for? There is no mischief in attempting your fortunes and you never know a couple of months after the fact, you will sit inside the Bigg Boss house with a wide range of famous people you have dependably longed for seeing.