Priyanka Chopra speaks on her relationships so far!

The actress Priyanka Chopra is on the verge of conquering the world with the booming film career and hit television show. The world knows her future plans to take over the world. But when it comes to heart, little or nothing is known so far. But to our surprise, the actress spoke on her relationships. With her bold statements, she gives hault to our never ending questions on her love life.

In a recent interview the actress revealed that she has been in relationships with the people she met on work.


In the interview, the ‘Quantico’ star said, “I made a statement the other day which got misconstrued. I said I have never dated, only been in relationships. First of all, dating as a concept does not exist in India. I have ended up getting into relationships with the people I meet and I usually meet people on movie sets. I don’t know if guys are intimidated. I don’t know what it is but nothing has happened. I made friends but romantically my relationships have always been with people who I meet at work.”
PeeCee refused to name anyone. But she told us that she respects and looks up to to someone she loves.

She further gave a hint that she might have a love partner we don’t know about.

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