Project management certification can give a boost to your career

It’s the 21st century, and the professional world is competitive. Big companies are searching for trained professionals, who can add value to their organization. Project management is a lucrative and enterprising career field that many would love to pursue. If you have a calling for it, it is essential that you start preparing well.

Do you want to work as a project management manager or consultant someday? If yes, considering a professional certification will be useful for you. The accreditation will add value to your list of credentials. And the accreditations will bring several advantages like enhancing your credibility or enabling you to work at a higher income.

Today, several institutes allow you to get a project management certification. Alternatively, you can also opt-in for online courses. Just like online courses on Microsoft Technology Associate, today project management course is also gaining prominence. It’s true that many project management professionals are working without a certificate. But when you have the accreditations, you have an extra edge. Here’s how:

  • Your billing rate is higher than others

In today’s competitive world, experience and education will help you gain prominence as a project management consultant. And when you are equipped with a recognized certification, you can amp up your earning by charging more for the services you provide. Today, both large and medium scale companies hire employees and consultants that have a project management certification. Also, the organizations are willing to pay a lucrative amount for a higher level of project management expertise.

  • You can welcome new clients

The count of certified project managers is on the rise every year! And till the time these numbers will keep on increasing, there will be more companies emerging that want to deploy only expert and certified project managers and other professionals. Hence, you can welcome enterprising job opportunities from a wide range of companies and select the one that seems more promising to you. A project management certification course will provide you with a better competitive advantage that others who lack the certification.

  • It enables you to develop your credibility

Attaining a project management certification is not an easy task. It is challenging! And the course demands that you cater to set, strict guidelines that evaluate your education, experience, and personal know-how. It also judges you based on your professional attitude and aptitude. Other than merely opting in for the test, it’s imperative for you to have around three to five years of working experience based on your academic background. You need to have experience in managing and leading projects between 4,500 and 7,500 hours. Furthermore, the project management certified professionals need to follow a particular set of industry-validated code of professional conduct and ethics.

Hence, attaining a certification in project management isn’t just a personal and professional accomplishment. The accreditation is synonymous to a high-level of experience and professionalism. It adds value and credibility to you as a person and professional. Hence, it is essential that you take the course seriously. Also, make sure that you pursue the course from a reputed institution or online portal.