Purchasing the Best Medical Equipment for Your Facility

When running a nursing home or hospital, it is important to keep up with scientific and technological advancements to be sure that you are providing your patients with the top-of-the-line equipment they need to heal quickly and properly. Navigating the wide sea of durable medical equipment and pricing can be overwhelming, but I’ve got your back. Here are some pointers on how to affordably stock up on the newest most up-to-date equipment to wow your patients.

Lenders the days understand the high demand for the health care industry, and recognize the value in medical facilities. In today’s financial climate, facilities can obtain 100 percent financing for their equipment and a variety of financial structure options to satisfy their business’ needs.


Items such as hospital beds and other non-technical equipment will need to be replaced within 10 years or less. Because facilities will always need to have these pieces on site, capital leases really may be your best option for financing. They function similarly to a traditional purchase, allowing borrowers to own the equipment at the end of the lease. These lease structures are more on par with these purchases than buying with cash because they give you the opportunity to keep that lump sum of cash and spread the cost of their equipment out over several years.

Of course capital leases aren’t the only option available to you to finance your equipment. Your facilities facility administrators should to their diligence to research financial providers that can create customized options to suit your individual needs. They should also be sure that the financial provider they select fully understands needs of the health care industry.

Financial Planning

The cost to set up new equipment can be pricey and require a hefty upfront investment. To be sure to handle these costs at a price in your budget, facility managers need to make sure their financial partner can provide funding the equipment itself and vendor costs, delivery costs, installation costs, and the inspection of the equipment

A potential financial partner, with health care experience is National Business Capital.  They have business consultants with the proper knowledge of the field that will analyze your needs help you to obtain a financing program that will keep your patients’ and your company’s wallet happy and healthy.

Equipment Selection

Once you’ve got your financing situated, you should make sure to go about purchasing your inventory in an efficient way. Purchase orders are a great way to go about not only buying the equipment you need but also making it easy to keep track of your orders and insure your order is satisfactory without risking losing money. A reputable medical supplier by the name of AvaCare Medical has set up a purchase order system to add to the value of their customers’ shopping experience. They offer every durable medical supply under the sun and buying guides to help you decide exactly what to buy with confidence. Be sure to do your research on suppliers and prices and take comfort in knowing you have so many options to suit your facilities needs.

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